I did it.

5 Aug

I just ordered the Thermomix.. the consultant says she may have one for me by Saturday. Fingers crossed!!
Thermomix TM31

Now, does anyone have Dukan recipes that I can make in it?? I think I can do an omelette in the steamer…


Day 16 : Attack Phase (Take 2)

4 Aug

A cold, wet Melbourne day today. I’m already looking forward to the weekend, too – August Birthday Number 1 is this Saturday. Master 7 will soon be Master 8. Time really does fly. I’m so glad I organised an indoor party this year. Forecast says it’ll be 15, raining and cold.

I went to the shops today to stock up on seafood, meat and yoghurt.  The Thermomix is still on my mind and so I was walking through the supermarket aisles looking at the products as if I already owned one.  I haven’t even ordered it yet.  My husband who’s away on business just texted me asking me what I want from a designer store that starts with the letter “C”.  All I want is a Thermomix.

Breakfast : 1 ForMe CheeseCake NF Yoghurt

Snack: Arpeggio Nespresso made with Skinny Milk

Lunch : Seafood Extender (Surimi)

Snack : Snacked on surimi, had a few baked sweet potato chips that I cooked for the kids, and some of their steak.

Dinner : Steamed prawns with Dukan “mayonnaise” (made with HB egg, Dijon mustard and 2 tsp cottage cheese).

Dessert: Oat bran crepe (sweet) with semi-frozen frûche as topping. Yum!

Feeling really full now as I have café number 3 for the day.

Water intake: 2L+

Other: Coke Zero

Status Check : Day 16

4 Aug

Before I forget to record it.

Start Weight (SW): 67kg/147.7lbs

Current Weight (CW): 63.5kg/139.99lbs

Total weight loss/gain to date: -3.5kg/7.71lbs

Time to set a goal weight… let it be *drum roll*….58kg by mid-September, and 55kg by November. I have a couple of weddings to attend in the latter part of the year – September and November, so this is great motivation!

I have to say, this is a very forgiving diet and I’m enjoying being on it!  Even with a couple of transgressions I’m still headed down on the scale.  I am looking at beginning Pilates soon, in addition to my weekly Personal Training sessions and Zumba classes. 🙂 Will have to get DH to get onto it too when he comes back from his trip. He is pretty bad when it comes to snacking so I will have to resist.  It’s been easy while he’s been away but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Plus it’s birthday month in our house… I hope the party food won’t tempt me too much! Time to order that Thermomix!


Day 15 : Attack Phase (Take 2)

3 Aug

AM Weight: Forgot to weigh myself this morning, and funnily enough, I’m feeling quite bloated around the middle now (10:36pm). Blah. I guess we have these days.

I really want to get a Thermomix.  I attended at demo on Friday and have been obsessed with it ever since.  I’m thinking of all the yummy, healthy food I could cook if I had one. DH has already told me to get one since it is my birthday in 6 days…but should I?

Breakfast : 2 boiled eggs + Nespresso Arpeggio coffee made with Skim Milk

Lunch : was at 5pm – oat bran crepes (sweet) with 3 slices of shaved FF chicken breast

Snack : Nespresso Coffee made with Skim Milk and 1/2 Splenda pack

Dinner : Meat off a chicken drumstick (I removed the skin and as much fat/sinew as I could) marinated in Dijon mustard, NF Yoghurt and Thyme, then grilled in a 200ºC oven for 20 minutes.

Water intake: 2L+

Status Check : Day 14

2 Aug

Starting Weight (SW) : 67kg
Current Weight (CW) : 64.5kg

Day 14 : (Re)Attack Phase Day 1…getting back on track

2 Aug

WT AM : 64.5kg

Breakfast: 1 Arpeggio Nespresso Latte, Oat Bran Galette with 2 slices ham rolled up.

Snack: Nespresso latte (Skinny Milk)

Lunch: Oat Bran Galette (made 2 from 1 batch of batter) and 2 slices Ham

Snack: Nestle ForMe Cheesecake Flavoured NF Yoghurt

Dinner: 1 Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken drumstick, skin removed.

Water: 2L+

I visited My Dukan Diary‘s blog today and am now motivated again and inspired to continue through this Attack Phase and finally into the Cruise Phase. There are some good recipes on this site, and I love that the blogger is based in Australia, so I can actually recognise the ingredients and products she uses.  I am doing an additional 4 days of Attack (This being Day 1 of Attack Take 2) before I go into Cruise.

Why am I afraid to leave the Attack Phase?

Kinda fell off the wagon…

1 Aug

This past week has been pretty bad foodwise, so I will summarize what I can remember. I knew I’d fallen off the wagon so I’ve mostly avoided weighing myself, although I was surprised when I did!

Day 7 Mon 26 July : From what I can recall I was pretty good except I can’t remember what I ate. There was definitely an oat bran galette in there, and some roast beef with Philadelphia 5% cream cheese. Dinner was mussels following the recipe from the book. Desserts were either Frûche or LF Cheesecake yoghurt or both. Zumba class at 6:30 too! I’m pretty sure there would’ve been a few coffees in there too.

Day 8 Tue 27 July: Breakfast – oat bran galette (sweet), lunch I don’t remember – I think roast beef with cream cheese.  A girlfriend and her son came over for dinner, which we had pre-organised to be Thai takeaway from her local restaurant. So I partook in green chicken curry, spring rolls, crispy pork with chinese broccoli and basil beef.  Oops!

Day 9 Wed 28 July: Breakfast – Coffee. Lunch: Dukan “mayonnaise” with ham slices on top of Oat bran galette (sweet) and dinner was pan fried scallops (no oil) with Dukan mayonnaise.

Day 10 Thu 29 July : Breakfast – Coffee. Lunch: Oat bran galette (sweet). Dinner: Can’t recall. I think it may have been Tandoori chicken tenderloins cooked in the oven. I had a new cleaner come to the house today and she was such a machine and left the kitchen spotless that I was too scared to cook in it!! I did end up baking some orange cupcakes in the evening though for my son to bring to kinder for Grandparents Day. Oh that’s right.. I tasted a couple of the cupcakes (and icing)… oops again!?

Day 11 Fri 30 July : I didn’t just fall off the wagon. I think the wagon stopped, reversed then ran over me again. I weighed myself though and am at 64.0kg (WT…!?!?) I attended a Thermomix demo first thing in the morning so breakfast/brunch/lunch for me was the following: Raspberry Sorbet, Mushroom Risotto, Thai Vegetable Salad, Lemon Custard and freshly-baked wholewheat bread with butter. All made in the Thermomix. I really want one of these. I was hoping to be severely underwhelmed at the demo after having decided last week that I would get a Magimix and a Bamix and that would be all I’d need. Evil Thermomix.

Thank goodness for the 1hr PT session in the middle of the day!!

Anyway, I started the day off so well why not keep going??!? A couple more orange cupcakes throughout the day then met my girlfriend for dinner at a Thai restaurant. Yes. Thai green chicken curry, satay chicken (loooove peanut sauce), prawn salad and beef with cashew stirfry, and rice. Oh, and why end there? Let’s get a banana fritter with ice cream and syrup too!

Day 12 Sat 31 July : Breakfast was my oat bran galette, lunch was one 4cm long sausage roll and a piece of spinach/fetta pita from a birthday party that Master 3 attended.  Then a girlfriend popped over, so along with coffee were a few pieces of Italian almond bread.  Dinner was Dukan’s veal escalopes, followed to the tee.  Yes, I have been trying to get back on track believe it or not! Oh, and dessert was formé FF cheesecake yoghurt.

Day 13 Sun 01 Aug : It’s our birthday month. So of course I felt the need to celebrate by having not 1, not 2, but 3 mini orange cupcakes in a row (iced at every bite). I feel sick now.  Breakfast was coffee and 2 poached eggs at our favourite local café where I took the boys after swimming lessons.  Lunch was the oatbran galette with a few slices of 97% FF Ham. Dinner was a few pieces of the boys’ BBQ steaks and a lick of the spoon I used to stir the cheese sauce I poured on their veggies. This is it. Back on Attack tomorrow!!!  Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

Also, because I’m not feeling very hungry I’m starting to feel uninspired to prepare food, ie just not eating or having a coffee/water instead. I need to dig myself out of this rut!

I read that if one does slip up on this diet then it is back to 4 days of Attack Phase plus increasing the walking to 60 minutes. I haven’t even left the Attack Phase. I will continue it for another week and be good about it now.  I still attend Zumba every Monday  (and want to try another class on Wednesday too) and see my PT once a week so I’m making sure I work extra hard!!

Wish me luck!!! And thanks for dropping by!! 🙂